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Uniting businesses through acquisitions

At Public Disposal & Recycling Solutions Inc., we bring businesses into our family through strategic acquisitions. Our experienced business development team is dedicated to preserving the long-term legacy of your hard work. When you partner with us, you can trust that we are committed to a lasting relationship.

Streamlined business evaluation process

Our corporate development team is actively seeking businesses that align with our mission to serve our customers, employees, and communities better. If you believe your business would complement ours, we invite you to connect with us. We are eager to discuss the evaluation, transaction, financial, and integration processes in detail.

Flexible Transaction Structures
We understand the importance of tailored solutions. Our flexible transaction structures ensure that your needs are met throughout the acquisition process, simplifying your decision-making.
Long-Term Relationships
Deciding to join forces with a new organization is significant. We prioritize building strong, enduring relationships by valuing your business and employees. Many of our long-term employees came on board through acquisitions, reflecting our commitment to continuity.

Businesses That Public Disposal & Recycling Acquires

As we grow, we seek compatible businesses that enhance our capabilities while meeting our commitment to responsible service. Examples of businesses we acquire include:

  • Solid waste and recycling infrastructure (landfills, MRFs, transfer stations, recycling stations)
  • Solid waste, recycling, and organics collection companies
  • Hazardous waste disposal and environmental waste services companies
  • Oil and materials reclamation companies

If you’re thinking about your business being acquired by Public Disposal & Recycling, contact us today.